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What the World Needs Now!

John 13:34 says,” I gave you a new commandment: you love one another just as I have loved you. You also should love one another.” Living in this world, sometimes things seem so complicated on a macro scale. We see, on every continent, wars and conflicts. All over the world, even family and friends we love find a different side of political arguments. 

Microscale work often feels impossible. Your kids irritate and make you mad, and your spouse doesn’t take out the trash when they should. We tend to overthink our response to problems that arise. It can be challenging. 

The Preemptive Love Coalition ( is an organization started by a husband and wife team that was dismayed by the conditions of people in the world. They felt the need to do something, and instead of overthinking what to do, they focused on one thing: love. 

Crises caused by violence, poverty, or natural disasters can seem impossible to resolve. But sometimes, a small effort can make a significant impact. Help bridge the gap between what is not and what is possible. Let love show up.

So they mobilize doctors to where care is needed and immobilize teachers, food, and shelter. You and I may never make a difference in the world, but we can learn from their efforts to take Jesus’s command to love one another. It’s an excellent simplifier when things seem complicated, and we don’t have to overthink what Jesus would do. 

So take time today to show others your love for Jesus by volunteering at a local homeless shelter or taking a meal to someone you know who is sick. What the world needs now is love!

John 13:34 is a powerful message about the importance of love and taking action in our world, especially in the face of complex challenges. Indeed, the words of John 13:34 remind us of the profound simplicity of love as a guiding principle in our lives.

The example of the Preemptive Love Coalition is inspiring. It underscores the idea that even amid seemingly insurmountable difficulties, taking small steps fueled by love and compassion can significantly impact. They exemplify the transformative power of love in action by focusing on tangible actions to alleviate suffering and spread kindness.

We can make a difference, even in our small ways. Whether volunteering at a local shelter, reaching out to someone in need, or simply showing kindness and understanding daily, we can embody the spirit of love and compassion that Jesus taught.

We build a more compassionate and connected world by embracing this message and actively demonstrating love in our communities. As I said, “What the world needs now is love.” Use John 13:34 as a reminder to live out this truth in our lives each day.

Have a great day.


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